Community Health Benefit

Our mission and values call for us to care for the most vulnerable and assisting newborns and their families exemplifies this. In addition to the quality services we provide to our patients, our staff reaches out to those in the communities who need extra support.

In Our Community

In 2016, Franciscan Health adopted its first system-wide community health goal—reducing infant mortality.

From Mooresville to Crawfordsville to Hammond, programs are designed to help educate and empower parents. Our programs provide education, supplies, counseling and resources to pregnant and new mothers through one-on-one interactions. Participants report less stress, better bonding and confidence in their parenting abilities.

The Grace Project in Indianapolis is the first program of its kind to support babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome, helping their parents seek substance abuse treatment and recovery. In Lafayette, special efforts are made to reduce prenatal smoking and promote breastfeeding.

Our staff joyfully and compassionately serves our new families and prays for their love and strong foundation to grow.

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2017 Franciscan Alliance Overview Summary


  Persons Net Benefit
Totals for Community Services 50,101 $5,276,996
Totals for Living in Poverty 540,821 $253,421,508


  Persons Net Benefit
Community Health Improvement 417,880 $4,877,555
Health Professions Education 35,845 $14,605,947
Subsidized Health Services 264,785 $29,393,977
Research 1,946 $2,037,549
Cash & In-Kind Contributions 59,887 $1,457,359
Building Activities 2,668 $2,787,752
Benefit Operations 441 $386,721
Totals for Broader Community 783,452 $55,546,860


  Persons Net Benefit
Grand Totals 2,145,293 $687,031,675